The Red Box Project


The Northstate Women’s Health Network is proud to sponsor The Red Box Project, an innovative program of the student leadership fellows of the Shasta College Center for Community Engagement. We’ll use the project’s own words to describe their effort:

“We are Student Leadership Fellows with the Community Engagement program at Shasta College. Our work in the Fall 2014 semester is The Red Box Project. Our mission is to address cultural violence against women and to empower our community to become change agents in eradicating this violence. With The Red Box Project, we will provide information and practical tools to aid in the transformation of underlying beliefs that lead to sexist behavior and attitudes. We believe that this project will be beneficial to our community by shining a light on the many ways that sexism feeds violence against women and sharing the empowering message that each member of our community can become a catalyst for social justice.
The Red Box Project takes a literal photo booth-style box and creates a safe space, for community members to enter with an open mind and exit with an expanded perspective. In the Red Box, attendees have an opportunity to share about what violence against women means to them, learn about what women have to share about their experiences with misogyny, sexism, harassment, inequality, rape and other violent acts against women. Through this interaction, we hope to facilitate learning and growing and community empowerment.”

If you’d like to participate in The Red Box Project, please contact or (530) 999-8745.

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