NSWHN & WHS Response to Shasta County’s ‘No Sanctuary’ Status

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February 14, 2018

With this joint statement, Women’s Health Specialists and Northstate Women’s Health Network condemn the Shasta County Board of Supervisors’ February 6, 2018 resolution designating our county as “no sanctuary” for immigrants who lack U.S. documentation.

This shameful resolution flouts California state law (SB-54) and makes a clear and troubling statement about Shasta County’s identity—a divisive, racist identity that WHS and NSWHN forcefully reject. In an America that is increasingly dangerous for people of color, where white supremacy is supported in the highest office and hate crimes are at record highs, this resolution is a grave threat to our community.

At the meeting, NSWHN and WHS board members joined other community members in speaking out against the resolution. We publicly stated our serious concern that the resolution will divide our county’s residents, intimidate immigrant and Latinx community members, encourage racist harassment and hate crimes, jeopardize public safety, expose the county to costly legal consequences, and diminish its reputation and revenue as a tourist hub.

WHS and NSWHN support all of our clients and their families, regardless of their legal status or country of origin. We stand with immigrant communities, and pledge to provide services and welcome them in our clinics and in the larger community.

At this challenging time, we urge county residents to join us in supporting unity in Shasta County. Only through compassion and inclusion can we triumph over the toxic politics of racism and division.

Katrina Cantrell                                                                Rowan Price
Executive Director                                                             Board President
Women’s Health Specialists                                             Northstate Women’s Health Network

Laurie O’Connell, Linda McCrea and Joy Newcom-Wade
Board Members
Northstate Women’s Health Network

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