Northstate Women’s Health Network announces The Robert McCrea Community Project Memorial Fund


Family, friends, and the Northstate Women’s Health Network mourn the passing and celebrate the life of Robert (Mr. B) McCrea. He is survived by a family that loves him deeply led by his amazing wife, Linda, as well as countless others touched by his generous spirit.

Mr. B’s passion and way of expressing his love for those around him came in the form of projects. Starting with the Forest Service to his many years working with Western Emulsions improving our roads, he spent his life engineering projects that have strengthened our communities’ infrastructure. For over 20 years Mr. B and Linda have worked with the Northstate Women’s Health Network empowering women and men to be as healthy and vibrant as they can be. Help us continue his legacy by supporting the Robert McCrea Community Project Memorial Fund. Mr. B requested, in lieu of flowers, those who want to express their love for him to do so by supporting this year’s Student Delegation to El Salvador, a community project near and dear to his heart.

Since 2007, Mr. B’s son-in-law, Christopher Rodriguez, a History Instructor at Shasta College,  has led ten student-delegations to El Salvador where participants have invested funds for locally-defined infrastructure projects. Mr B. was passionate about these trips as they support his dedication to community projects on a global scale. In the past students have funded and helped construct a community amphitheater, roads, septic system, and housing. This January for two weeks seventeen students will be living with families in the countryside and working with them to improve their access to potable water.

To make a tax deductible donation in the name of the Robert McCrea Community Project Memorial Fund (RMCPMF), click here:
Donate Online Here for the Robert McCrea Community Project Memorial Fund

Or send your donation to:

Northstate Women’s Health Network, Attention: RMCPMF

P.O. Box 493992, Redding, CA 96049

What’s more, your love and dedication to Mr. B will allow students to have life-changing experiences with our neighbors to the south that will fill their cups. Here’s one student’s reflection on their trip:

“I was talking to a friend in the U.S. a few days after we all returned from El Salvador; he asked how it was and all of that, and I gave him just a few brief sentences about how incredible it was to be back, how much I love being there, loved the people I met (both from El Salvador and the United States), so on and so forth… and all he said in reply was, so simply, “So El Salvador is home, then.” And I realized in that moment that, yes, in a way, it has become a home for me. I have had some of the most extraordinary moments in that nation, developed some of the most incredible connections, had some of the most meaningful conversations. I know that I will never write a reflection paper that can truly capture that; I will never be able to explain to others why I cannot stay away (and, furthermore, why I do not want to). All that I can do now is figure out how El Salvador and Central America fits into my future, if I am truly called to be there, and in what regard. Here goes.

My cup has been filled. Gracias, El Salvador.”

In loving memory of you Mr. B, our cup is filled.

below, El Salvador group for January 2019!


For some images of past projects in El Salvador, please click below:

Promo_ElSal_2019_short copy

Other images from past trips:2014-08-03092731_zps059ca7ef2014-08-04111057_zpsdf8584cdDSCN5820_zps106bfdaaDSCN5847_zps0e6b25f41653765_10202514471123327_1381631182278645544_n

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