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International Women’s Day 2015 Planning Meeting

There will be a planning meeting held at the Braided Mane restaurant on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at 5:00pm – we look forward to seeing any members of the public interested either in joining the network or planning the event! If you have any questions, contact Rowan at (530) 999-8745.

Roe vs. Wade Celebration


Northstate Women’s Health Network joined Women’s Health Specialists on January 22nd, 2015 to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision legalizing a woman’s right to abortion. We are proud to stand with this respected provider and activist organization in our community on this important day and honor the vital work they do. At a time where women’s reproductive freedoms are at risk across the globe and in our country, we must remember to fight for all women to have all pregnancy options available to them, regardless of economic status.





The Red Box Project


The Northstate Women’s Health Network is proud to sponsor The Red Box Project, an innovative program of the student leadership fellows of the Shasta College Center for Community Engagement. We’ll use the project’s own words to describe their effort:

“We are Student Leadership Fellows with the Community Engagement program at Shasta College. Our work in the Fall 2014 semester is The Red Box Project. Our mission is to address cultural violence against women and to empower our community to become change agents in eradicating this violence. With The Red Box Project, we will provide information and practical tools to aid in the transformation of underlying beliefs that lead to sexist behavior and attitudes. We believe that this project will be beneficial to our community by shining a light on the many ways that sexism feeds violence against women and sharing the empowering message that each member of our community can become a catalyst for social justice.
The Red Box Project takes a literal photo booth-style box and creates a safe space, for community members to enter with an open mind and exit with an expanded perspective. In the Red Box, attendees have an opportunity to share about what violence against women means to them, learn about what women have to share about their experiences with misogyny, sexism, harassment, inequality, rape and other violent acts against women. Through this interaction, we hope to facilitate learning and growing and community empowerment.”

If you’d like to participate in The Red Box Project, please contact or (530) 999-8745.

Shasta College Students Travel to El Salvador

We are excited to share pictures and stories from the Shasta College student group that traveled to El Salvador, in part supported by Northstate Women’s Health Network and our supporters! Enjoy the photos of the students’ work and experience in the community, at local health clinics and organizations and in local homes.

A student, writing about her experience on this trip:

“I was talking to a friend in the U.S. a few days after we all left El Salvador; he asked how it was and all of that, and I gave him just a few brief sentences about how incredible it was to be back, how much I love being there, loved the people I met (both from El Salvador and the United States), so on and so forth… and all he said in reply was, so simply, “So El Salvador is home, then.” And I realized in that moment that, yes, in a way, it has become a home for me. I have had some of the most extraordinary moments in that nation, developed some of the most incredible connections, had some of the most meaningful conversations. I know that I will never write a reflection paper that can truly capture that; I will never be able to explain to others why I cannot stay away (and, furthermore, why I do not want to). All that I can do now is figure out how El Salvador and Central America fits into my future, if I am truly called to be there, and in what regard. Here goes.

My cup has been filled. Gracias, El Salvador.”

































Community comes out for fundraiser!

The community gathered for a fundraiser sponsored by the Northstate Women’s Health Network for an El Salvador trip being made by a group of Shasta College students. The night was a resounding success with Shasta College history instructor, Chris Rodriguez presenting on connections between El Salvador and the US. Other highlights included student Danielle Brewster being awarded the Northstate Women’s Health Network 2014 Scholarship and live music by the Haute Mamaz. Tax-deductible donations can still be made through Northstate Women’s Health Network with the Donate Now button below!

Donate Button with Credit Cards

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NSWHN’s 1st Inaugural International Women’s Day celebration

The Northstate Women’s Health Network’s inaugural International Women’s Day celebration was a resounding success, as the community gathered to share information, network, dance, sign and share their talents. Visit our Facebook at to view all of the pictures from this fantastic event. Thank you to the following community organizations and businesses:

Viva Downtown of Redding –
Thai Cafe – 243-5523
Tacqueria Los Gordos – 242-6224
Yaadgar Restaurant – 242-1545
Nipa’s Thai Cuisine – 221-0966
Cornerstone Community Bank –
Market Street Wines –
Chocolat de Nannette –
Matson Vineyards –
Tess Sharpe –

…and all of the volunteers and community members who set up, broke down and shared the event with their friends and family to ensure it’s success. We are so grateful and excited for our next event and even more excited about the 2nd Annual International Women’s Day Celebration 2015!

International Women’s Day 2014!


Northstate Women’s Health Network is excited to announce we are celebrating International Women’s Day with a night at the Atrium, sponsored by Viva Downtown of Redding! Join us March 8th, 2014 from 5pm-8pm for an evening of hors d’oeuvres, live performances, refreshments, booths showcasing organizations and businesses, run for and by women, Photo Booth for A Cause and much more!

If your organization or business would like to get involved or become a sponsor of International Women’s Day, please call (530) 999-8745 or email

The Atrium is located at 1670 Market Street in downtown Redding, California. Find out more information about International Women’s Day at! We look forward to sharing more information and flyers as they become available.

NSWHN supports breastfeeding!

A local woman was faced with discrimination because she was breastfeeding her child and today, local women in the community came together for a nurse-in! Northstate Women’s Health Network supports women breastfeeding their children when and how they see fit and came to stand in solidarity with Shasta County women and their children.

Hear Ariel describe the incident that prompted the nurse-in

and read the article that got a lot of attention on KRCR News.

For more information on breastfeeding, check out these local and international links!
La Leche League
California Laws regarding breastfeeding
Shasta County Breastfeeding Support
Worldwide Alliance for Breastfeeding Action