NSWHN Celebrates Choice!

Our Celebration of Choice / Cartoons for Choice poster exhibition on 1/19/16 was a wonderful example of sisterhood in action! In concert with Women’s Health Specialists, NSWHN was proud to host this exciting event commemorating the 43rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade with our special guest, 87-year-old abortion rights pioneer Pat Maginnis.

Pat shared her inspiration and signed exhibition catalogs for the enthusiastic crowd, a range of younger and elder activists. Then, the staff and volunteers of Women’s Health Specialists, on the front lines of the reproductive rights movement, were invited onstage for recognition.

Next, Shasta College sociology professor and NSWHN board member Dr. Heather Wylie shared her views about the vital importance of the self-determination women have gained from Roe v Wade. A contingent of reproductive rights activists from Siskiyou County drove all the way down the mountain to share stories of their volunteer group’s challenges and victories in their small rural community.

After we all enjoyed refreshments from a local bakery and the Vintage Restaurant kitchen, the bidding began on the silent auction, an eclectic array of  jewelry, artwork and curios donated by local artisans and supporters to raise funds for further NSWHN events.

Altogether, this wonderful experience reminded us yet again of the power of women gathering with women and our male allies to share memories, celebrate our hard-won victories and plan for the future activities and advances. Sisterhood IS powerful!

Thanks so much to the Janis and the Vintage Wine Bar and Restaurant for hosting this event for the fourth year in a row, and to all the volunteers and NSWHN board members who made the evening possible. We look forward to more work and solidarity in the next 12 months supporting our reproductive rights — and another inspiring celebration next year!

The first page of the poster exhibition catalog, with a brief bio of Pat Maginnis and her group, The Army of Three.
Women’s Health Specialists outreach & education coordinator Danielle Brewster and Associate Executive Director Katrina Cantrell, board members of Northstate Women’s Health Network.
Dr. Heather Wiley speaks about the impact and importance of reproductive self-determination on all aspects of women’s lives.
Women’s Health Specialists outreach and education coordinator Danielle Brewster (far right) and clinic staff.
Pat Maginnis describes the motivating event that inspired her 50+ years of activism for abortion rights.
Three generations of reproductive rights activists!
Pat, Pat Sansom & kitty
Pat Maginnis with local civil rights luminary Pat Sansom and Katrina Cantrell.
Pat Maginnis with young adult author and feminist Tess Sharpe.
Shasta College music professor Ellen Southard enjoys a photo op with Pat.

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